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Kokopelli Summer Camp 2018

Now Enrolling for Summer Camp!
Choose as many weeks as you like!

Now Enrolling for Summer Camp! 
Choose as many weeks as you like!

*Age Appropriate Activities * Enrichment Programs * Engineering * Clay * Special Visitors * Science experiments * Cooking * Yoga * Ceramics *

Weekly Themes

June 18th-22nd “Ooey Gooey”
Children will start their summer having lots of messy fun and making some ooey gooey creations!  This week, they will be making and exploring all things ooey and gooey while incorporating both art and science. Some activities for the week include oobleck, magnetic slime & more surprises.

June 25th-29th “Color My World”
Every day will be themed a different color so wear that color! Throughout the week children will use their creativity to make color masterpieces while experimenting and learning about color. Some activities for the week include water gun painting, making lava lamps, and tie-dye shirts!

July 2nd-6th “I am an Actor” *No camp July 4th*
During I am an Actor week, children will rehearse and perform a play each day. They will work on skills such as stage presence, improvisation, and confidence.

July 9th-13th “Natural Inspiration”
This week children will use nature to create amazing art and use science to learn about the world around us. Some activities this week include making hyper tufa pots, recycled paper, and natural wind chimes!

July 16th-20th “Under the Sea”
Children will learn all about the ocean, the wonders of life it provides, and all of its spectacular surroundings. They will learn about sharks, whales, crabs and other sea creatures while creating art and doing science experiments on salt water. Some activities for this week include making sea shell art and preforming a salt water density experiment!

July 23rd-29th “Around the World”
In “Around the World” week, children make a passport and “travel” to five different countries. They will learn about all about food, culture, language, and more in that region. Countries for the week include the United States, Spain, France, Italy, and China!

July 30th- August 3rd “Kitchen Science”
During “Kitchen Science” week, children will explore science by using materials commonly found in the kitchen. Some activities for the week will include extracting fruit DNA, creating solar cookers, and making color changing chemical reactions!

August 6th-12th Storybook STEM”
During “Storybook STEM” week, children will be using their inner scientists and engineers. They will explore how to be creative using science straight from some of the most popular story books.

August 13th-17th “Dino Week”
“Dino week” is all about the dinosaurs. Children will learn all about our prehistoric friends. Some activities this week include examining real fossils, making dino tracks and fossils, exploding a papier-mâché volcano!

August 20th- 24th “Famous Artist”
This week children will be diving right into art. Each day will be themed with a different famous artist who influenced the art world! They will be recreating and mimicking the artists’ styles or famous works. Artists this week include Picasso, Eric Carle, Van Gogh, Franz Marc and more.

Pick your days!

6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Full Time - $200 / Week

9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

$30.00 / Day

Monday – Friday

Ages 3-5         Ages   6-8     Ages 9 and up